No More Runaround!

When you're looking to prequalify for a mortgage and the majority of your income is from being a 1099 independent contractor, many lenders will evaluate your earnings differently and more discerningly than they do with a W-2 income. They might give you the runaround asking for thousands of documents and proofs to finally reject your petition claiming a lack of security.

Here at Capital Direct Funding, A Family Run Private Money Lender, we can bring you back from the dark side and into the spotlight because you are our priority customers.

What You Can Do

The process is simple. First, we want to hear your story.

At Capital Direct Funding, we understand. We know how to deal with property loans, we know how to offer loans to those who have 1099 independent contractor status, and we know how to make dreams come true. With the expertise of our dedicated team, we can provide you with several alternatives to help make purchasing your dream home become a reality.

What We Look For

When considering your application for a loan, we look at only a few documents to determine how likely you are at matching with our loan programs: A copy of your ID, a copy of your social security card, three months income statement, and information about the property. We won’t complicate the process asking for a W-2 or tax returns.

Our experts will then provide you with several loan alternatives.


At Capital Direct Funding, we make loans happen when no one else can.