Low Credit Score

“My credit score is 550. Can I get a home loan with such a low score?”

“ Do I need to boost my credit score to get home loan?”

“ My credit score wasn't qualified? What should I do?”

“Can I buy a house with bankruptcy status?”


Getting a loan from a bank has become more and more difficult, especially if you are dealing with credit score issues. But at Capital Direct Funding, these challenges are not a deal breaker! 

Who we are

We are an alternative lending company, creating access to capital for customers who have challenging situations.

Our experts provide you with free consultations and educational resources so you can understand and take advantage of the many options we have.

Our Commitment to You

We do not have a minimum credit score needed to quality and we don't request your credit history. Our win-win loan plans are part of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We provide you with several loan alternatives to help you succeed with your real estate goals.

Let Us Handle Your Situation

Throughout the years, we've helped so many clients in crisis – no situation is too complex for us.

If you have an issue you'd like us to take a look at, give us a call today and secure your loan!


At Capital Direct Funding we make loans happen, even when no one else can.