We help your clients whom are in Probate!


Are your clients facing situations like?

  • Needing Money for Attorney's Fee?

  • Needing Money to repair their property?

  • Needing Money for tenant issues?

  • Foreclosure?

  • Reverse Mortgage Payoff?


Here are the 4 steps on how we can help your clients resolve their crisis situation faster!


  1. We will need the complete addresses of all the properties in the estate and a clear description of the properties condition.


  1. Please list all Debts Owed.


  1. If your client had funds to improve the property/properties, would that be a benefit to your client’s estate?


  1. What stage is your client in? Just entered Probate, has “Partial Authority” or “Full Authority” ?


Call us! We help Estate Attorneys and their clients close their probate cases faster!


We are here to help and determine the best solution.Our team understands the myriad of challenges in the probate process. We can help your clients. We are Capital Direct Funding, Inc. we make loans happen, even when no one else can.