Issues with Closing? Capital Direct Funding Can Help!

Unexpected delays in acquiring your investment is always disheartening. Here are a few common problems that arise during the loan process for a real estate property.

What do you mean there is a problem with the property?

One of the most common closing problems relates to the property itself. Hearing situations with Unpermitted Square Footage, or  a change in Zoning, or in poor condition tend to be a big deal breakers for institutional lenders, not for us! When you hear there's a problem with the property, Call us!

Capital Direct Funding, we listen to the whole situation so we can analyze and determine the best methods for the best solution. We are consistently assisting clients with these issues.

What do you mean they did not file their taxes?

Small Business owners are the backbone of our economy. We understand that your w-2 payroll is last on the list of Todo’s. However, it's important to know that our alternative loan products are available to self employed individuals like yourself.  Our Realtor and Mortgage Professional Partners know that if the tax returns have not been processed yet, we still can help!

Our Capital Direct Funding team understands the myriad of challenges there are in qualifying for a loan. We conquer these challenges every day.

They had a short sale…..when?

Selling a home for less than the amount the current owner owes the mortgage company is called a short sale. Although short-sales do not have the same effect as bankruptcy or foreclosure, the institution lender still report negative credit performance.

For us, we still can offer our loan products to those who have had a  short sale in their history. This would not be an issue for us. Our team can make it work. We provide you with several alternatives to help you make your purchase happen.

Doc’s were supposed to be out today!

Don’t you hate when Doc’s were supposed to go out this morning and did not?? There must be issues in the file. Let us be your backup on your files that may need us as their contingency plan.  

We deal with a lot of crisis files! We have seen it all! So feel comfortable that we will handle your situation with grace and ease. There is no situation too complex for us. If you have a scenario you would like to go over, call us today!