Poor Credit History

Poor Credit History :

Finding a home loan with poor credit history can be challenging.It is important to know alternative financing options for your borrowers who have a poor credit history and are struggling to obtain loans for their properties, here at Capital Direct Funding, we specialize in finding solutionsspecifically for those with a less-than-perfect credit history.


Meet Mark :

Mark is a business owner in the area. He wanted to buy a property for salenear his office, but because of his foreclosure and bankruptcy status, he wasn't able to take advantage of the opportunity. Mark was a year away from qualifying for an institutional loan.  He was referred to us by his divorce attorney. Capital Direct Funding finds a way overcome challenges, we prepare an alternative loan program tohelp Mark purchase his investment property by his office.


We've found a better solution for him.

With our asset based underwriting Capital Direct Funding can help your borrowers with our alternative loan programs. We provide a shorter closing process, a higher rate of success, and a direct way to help your borrowers get loans to purchase properties. We expedite the loan process by privately funding your borrower’s investments, until they are able to re- apply and qualify for an institutional loan.


Here at Capital Direct Funding ; we make loans happen, even when no one else can.