The Latina Global Executive Leadership Program and My 2018 Advisor Role

A year ago I was given the opportunity to embark on an incredible journey to grow my education in a way I had thought unimaginable. Due to my active community involvement, I was introduced to Dr. Yasmin Davidds, CEO and Founder of the USC Latina Global Executive Leadership Program.


Upon signing up for the program I had no idea what I was in for! I was ready for a standardized leadership training that focused on the breakdown of global leaders to uncover their successes. Come to find out, I was there to breakdown myself. To uncover my successes within my life story. This introspective curriculum challenged me to ask who I am and why? I could no longer act without analyzing the intrinsic value behind my actions.


This class gave me the awareness to ask, where is the humanity in leadership? Never had I been to a classroom that focused on the study of global actors through an understanding of the choices they make. Never had I been asked to study my own reasoning and mental frameworks. What prevents us from making genuine connections as leaders? I learned accountability for the connections I made, as well as the ones I did not.


This program was perspective-enhancing, giving me a one-of-a-kind look into myself and my business. I am honored to be able to continue growing through this program, but this year as a Leadership Curriculum Advisor!


The premise of the Latina Global Executive Leadership Program is that leaders who know themselves well and consciously develop their leadership abilities throughout their lifetimes will be more effective and more successful leaders and will lead more satisfying and fulfilling lives. To do so, leaders must take responsibility for their own development, rather than relying entirely on their organizations for leadership development.

The Latina Global Executive Leadership Program provides Latina professionals with ideas, techniques, and tools to assist them in their leadership development journeys, exploring concepts such as: lifelong leadership development; the power of their life story; the impact of their crucible; discovering their authentic self; knowing their values, leadership principles, and ethical boundaries; understanding their motivated capabilities; building support teams; leading an integrated life; being purpose-driven; empowering themselves through leadership; and improving leadership effectiveness through their style and use of power.


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Sandra Williams