Issues with Closing? Capital Direct Funding Can Help!

Unexpected delays in acquiring your investment is always disheartening. Here are a few common problems that arise during the loan process for either a Residential or Commercial property.

What do you mean there is a problem with the property?

     One of the most common closing problems relates to the property itself. Hearing situations with Unpermitted Square Footage, or a change in Zoning, or in poor condition tend to be a big deal breaker for institutional lenders, not for us! We have several partners who we work with closely and personally.

We listen to the whole situation so we can analyze and determine the best methods for the best solution. With each Client, there is a unique challenge, with each one we confidently create a win-win scenario.

Escrow Escrow Escrow!

        Usually, Buyers & Sellers have 45 days in the purchase contract. If you have a scenario that pertains to it being on the last extension, the last call so to speak. CDF is a resource you can call due to the fast response programs we offer. We move as fast as the situation demands.  We are experts mitigating risk and creating win-win solutions for all parties involved.


      Capital Direct Family ran by Family grit and dedication to help those in need of our out-of-the-box lending. We see new scenarios everyday that need alternative solutions. Here at CDF we close the opportunity gap.

We make loans happen, even when no one can.