Did you know we can help your clients who do not have seasoned funds?

Unexpected things often come up in the loan process!!!

Many mortgage lenders today require funds to be seasoned. They require a minimum of 60 days or more for seasoned funds. Here at Capital Direct Funding, we do not require seasoning of funds and we can help them with our alternative loan programs!

Meet Antonio Montana.

Antonio Montana has been servicing cash businesses in the area for several years. He was given the opportunity to buy the building he operates his business out of. Most of his clients pay him with cash, which makes applying for financing very difficult. Antonio could not close the transaction due to lack of seasoned funds. Capital Direct Funding does not require seasoned funds, so we were able to help him purchase the property.

Making Things Go Smoothly

Call us today! Our Capital Direct Funding team understands the myriad of challenges there are in qualifying for a loan. We conquer these challenges every day. Our loan programs are created to give your clients who don’t have seasoned funds access to capital. We provide a shorter closing process, a higher rate of success, and a direct way to help your clients get loans.

We are Capital Direct Finding, We make loans happen even, When no one else can.