How to save file turn downs?

Did your escrow fall out? What are some of the reasons why escrow would fail? Getting an offer accepted can seem like the easy part these days. Getting the escrow closed can be a bit more of a challenge. A loan falls out of escrow when the loan fails to get the final lender approval. The real estate properties pending sale is cancelled and the property usually returns to the market as an active listing. Because the loan process is long and complex, your loan can fall out of escrow for a range of reasons. One common reason that our clients usually face is based on the condition of the property. Here are some reasons why the property condition is the one key factor of loans falling out.


- Poor Condition of the Property

- An Issue with Zoning

- Unpermitted Square Footage


To save your escrow, our loan process isn’t complex and long. Here is the 3 simple steps on how we can help borrowers make loans happen.

1. We listen to the whole situation so we can analyze and determine the best methods for a rapid solution.

2. We identify and present what loan programs work best for your client’s situation.

3. We fund it. We make the deal happen, moving as fast as the situation demands it.


Your investment property may be just around the corner! Allow us to expedite the process by privately funding your investments, until you are able to qualify for a standard loan. In most cases, we offer loans even when other lenders have turned you down