Your investment property may just be around the corner, so allow us to expedite the process by privately funding your investments, until you’re able to qualify for a standard loan. In most cases, we can offer loans even when other lenders have turned you down.

This is how property-buying should be! We will NEVER deny you based exclusively on credit score, self-employment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, probate, title held by corporation or trust or property currently listed. More than anything, we never want you to miss out on an amazing opportunity. That's why we're dedicated to finding the solutions that create the perfect situation to support your needs as quickly as possible! It's all just part of our commitment to provide excellent customer service and exceptional results!

How We Help Borrowers

We help your clients when banks can’t.

As a real estate professional, we understand the myriad of challenges you face in qualifying your buyers for a loan. In fact, we conquer these challenges everyday and we are here to help.

We’ll make it work. So, your clients can still reach their lifestyle goals, while making smart financial decisions.

Capital Direct Funding is the perfect private money lending solution for funding residential or commercial properties. We help expedite the loan process by privately funding your client’s investment until they are able to qualify for a standard loan with a lower interest rate.

The process is 3 simple steps:

  1. Listen to the whole situation, so we can analyze and determine the best methods for a rapid solution.
  2. Identify and present what loan programs work best for your client’s situation.
  3. We fund it. We make the deal happen, moving as fast as the situation demands it.

So, call us today to discover your best options!

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