Having trouble closing escrow on time? Time is ticking! you still have time to close by the end of the month!!!

Don’t you dislike when Doc’s were supposed to go out this morning and did not?? There must be issues in the file. Let us be your backup on your files that may need us as their contingency plan.

Meet Rebecca!

Rebecca is a realtor. As of recent, she had a client who wanted to buy a property but had problems with loan for final documents. The documents were supposed to be out by early February but they fell through! Rebecca thought she could not close escrow on time. She decided to make a phone call and go over her scenario with Capital Direct Funding.  As a result, she was able to help her client, and fast, because we move as fast as the situation demands.

 More than your expectation!

We deal with a lot of crisis files! We have seen it all! So feel comfortable that we can handle your situation with grace and ease. There is no situation too complex for us. If you have a scenario you would like to go over, call us today! We would like to be your backup plan and help you close transactions by the end of the month!!


            Here at Capital Direct Funding, We make loans happen even, When no one else can.