Relieve stress and increase productivity through exercise with Sandra Williams

“Where we put our time reflects our deepest values” states Sandra Williams, Co- founder and President of Capital Direct Funding. The key to balancing your life, your career, family, relationships, and self care is dependent on self discipline. Although incorporating physical training into her busy schedule was challenging at first, she was convinced she wanted it, and so she went for it! With some inspiration from her colleagues, who make time to workout despite their plentiful responsibilities, she was prompted to take on a new challenge.


Sandra’s physical journey began a year ago, with no prior knowledge of techniques or structured training. At first this seemed like a barrier to her goals, everyone else seemed like experts at the gym which in turn felt intimidating to her. Sandy did not grow up playing sports and even though she was a gym member, she was not aware of important techniques for working out. The first step was to hire a trainer to push her and teach her exciting forms of exercise. For a year now, she has been training with her favourite personal trainer, Kenny Camacho, at the gym Summit Fitness in Covina, California. Training with Kenny has been a key to her success in the weight room; he is an accountability partner who pushes her to exceed her own expectations. Training at Summit has been Sandra’s prefered method because “small gyms offer more privacy, you are surrounded by friends, and it is a friendly community that pushes each other.”  


Training improves more than just physical strength and appearance, it is a mental strength training routine. Sandra claims that since she began her training she is more positive. The “I can’t” turned in to actions of proof that exceeded the capabilities she knew she had.  In turn, this shift in mindset has allowed her to improve in all other aspects of her life.


Sandra passionately notes that “we need more women in the weight section!” Lifting can be intimidating for women at first but it is a fulfilling form of exercise that every girl should try! When lifting you can constantly notice your improvements and fill the gap left by just cardio training. As the weight on the bar increases, so will your confidence!


Sandy’s favourite workout is the deadlift! She finds it is empowering to be able to lift more and more weight every time you come back to the gym! The new marked personal record is a full repetition of 165 pounds!  Pull-ups are also one of her personal favourites, she is now on the last resistance band and will soon be lifting herself over the bar without it!


Working out has helped Sandra in many aspects of her life. It helps her to stay focused and productive in multiple aspects simultaneously. For example, she goes to the gym at 6 AM before heading to Capital Direct Funding, afterwards she is energized and ready to begin helping her clients and leading her team. “Beginning the day in such a positive note ensures that I make a positive impact in my company and in the helping the people I serve to the best of my ability.” Overall, commiting to trainings has helped Sandra to better lead Capital Direct Funding through the improvements of health, self-esteem, and confidence.