There Is No Such Thing As A Cosigner!

At Capital Direct Funding, we want to help you and your clients through their challenging mortgage situations. We want to hear your story, so that we can analyze and determine the best solution.

Meet Juan:

Juan wanted to buy a property, but his immigration status was not quite ready to be able to process a home loan. He convinced his brother- in-law, Ignacio, to use his identity to get a loan on a property.

Unfortunately, Ignacio divorced his wife and she earned 50% ownership of the property. Even though Juan was the only person who took care of the down-payment and made payments every month, he still lacked security.

In situations like these, having an alternative lender for your client’s property is more important than ever. Special cases come along that only we can fix. If you need help purchasing a property, or you are helping your clients who are having a problem with these types of challenges, you can reach our team at 626-796-1680.

We create a win-win solution and provide the best alternative loan programs for your clients.

At Capital Direct Funding, We make loans happen, Even when no one else can.