Are your clients having trouble getting a loan? We can help!

We are the experts at turning a complex issue into a simple solution...

Requirements for conventional financing can be difficult for people who have non-traditional financial situations such as poor credit history, self-employment, all cash businesses, and the list goes on.

But we aren’t conventional… we are solutional.

It is our mission to create a path beyond what institutional lenders can provide. Our goal is to help real estate professionals broaden their scope of business by helping them cultivate opportunities through alternative, customizable, and legitimate loan solutions with private lending.

The options are out there, we bring them to you.

Our loan programs are created to give your clients access to capital during the transition to a conventional loan program. Challenging situations arise all the time, and your clients shouldn’t be left in the dust because their uncommon financial status doesn’t qualify.

It’s part of our commitment to offer professional attention with a personal touch.

Founded on family values and delivering above and beyond service, we provide no less than what you and your clients deserve.

At Capital Direct Funding, we make loans happen even when no one else can.