How to get into Escrow

How to Get Into Escrow!

As a Real Estate or Mortgage Professional, we understand the myriad of challenges that you face in qualifying your buyers. In fact, we conquer these challenges every day, and we are here to help you. Getting into escrow can be slightly difficult, but we offer alternative loan programs that can be customized to your client's situation. Here are 3 simple steps on how we can help your clients to get into escrow.

1.       The first step is to disclose to our CDF Team the source of the 30 percent down payment necessary for our loan programs. This key requirement helps us move fast.

2. The second step is that we will listen to understand the whole situation that our clients are undertaking. We work with various complex situations, therefore, our direct approach allows us to address what is at hand. The following are examples of non-traditional clients that we help:

- Low FICO score

- Passport only Foreign Nationals

- Self Employed

- Need to close fast

- Bankruptcy

- Crisis Situation

- Probate

- No seasoned Funds available

We always analyze and determine our client’s best method for a rapid solution.


3.  Lastly, we mitigate the risk. We provide the best service to serve you.


Give us the opportunity to help you. We move as fast as the situation demands. We make loans happen, even when no one else can.