Do you have self-employed borrowers who are struggling to obtain cash for expanding their rental properties business?

If your self-employed borrowers have multiple properties, good credit score, good financial situations and paying mortgage on time but are struggling to obtain cash for expanding the rental properties business. Here at Capital Direct Funding, we can help them with our alternative loan programs!  

Meet Ernesto

Ernesto is a self-employed borrower who has his own small business. His main focus is to own rental properties. He currently owns 12 residential properties which most of them are paid for free and clear, except 5 properties which have regular bank loans. Ernesto is trying to get more cash to expand his rental properties business, he has a good credit history, perfect financial and pays his mortgage on time.  However, he cannot qualify for institutional loans because his primary source of income is from his rentals.

We've found a better solution for him.

With our asset based underwriting Capital Direct Funding can help your borrowers with our alternative loan programs. We provide a shorter closing process, a higher rate of success, and a direct way to help your borrowers get loans and expand their business. We expedite the loan process by privately funding your borrower’s investments until they are able to re- apply and qualify for a standard loan.

Capital Direct Finding, we make loans happen even when no one else can.