Are your buyers having trouble using the seller’s equity as a gift to Purchase a Property? If your answer is yes, We can help!

Using equity can help people buy a property.

If your sellers are thinking of selling a property with high equity to a family member or friend and the buyers don’t have enough money to put towards a down payment on purchasing the property; We can help your buyers by using the equity as a gift for the down payment.

Getting the paper work right!

Here at Capital Direct, we are founded on family values and believe in delivering above and beyond service clients with Gift of equity purchase transactions need professionals to mitigate any future problems. We will customize your loan program to ensure your Sellers/Buyers are protected.

Meet Carolina (Buyer)

Carolina has an opportunity to buy her mom’s house but she doesn’t have enough cash to make the down payment. She has met with various institutional lenders who cannot pre-qualify her due to the down payment requirements.

Because of her credit didn’t meet the requirements as well her listing agent then referred her to us Capital Direct Funding. We helped her structure the transaction as a gift using the mother’s equity to assist the down payment.    Gift of equity purchaser get closed as fast as 7-10 business days!

We are Capital Direct Funding, We make loans happen even When no one else can.