Did you know we can help your clients with tax issues still accomplish their real estate goals?

Are your clients facing these problems?

●      Reduced profits from the previous filing year

●      Problems seeking access to capital

●      Need to compare current private money loan to our programs.


Attention CPA’s !!!


We understand the myriad of challenges your clients face when dealing with complex tax issues. We our experts at finding solutions to accommodate your clients needs. In addition we always provide professional advice and resources for your client to use for their benefit.


Meet Alejandra:


Alejandra is a Certified Public Accountant, and has been working with her client , Mario,  for several years. Mario always  files taxes on time, but was delayed this year because of a balloon payment that was due. Mario felt like he was running out of options , and was scared he’d have to sell his property. Thankfully for Mario , his CPA Alejandra referred him to us.


A year later Alejandra was able to Reposition Mario to reapply and qualify for a conventional loan.


We are Capital Direct Funding. We provide professional service and help your clients in crisis situations. We expedite the loan process by privately funding your client’s investment until they are ready for conventional financing.


We strive to build great business relationships. Call us today!


Capital Direct Funding, We make loans happen, even when no one else can!