Are your self-employed clients having trouble qualifying for a real estate loan?

Develop a more inclusive pre-screening prospecting questionnaire by including private money criteria!! 


Door-knocking is a great prospecting activity to increase your clients. Through this process cultivating, key pre-screening questions is important. You might meet customers who lack essential qualifications to purchase a property. Here at Capital Direct Funding, we would like to encourage you to extend your pre-screening questions to encompass private money criteria

If you encounter a non traditional ask them if they have 30% down payment: people who say yes, are the one’s you least expect! Especially your clients who are Self-Employed. Together we can provide opportunities for those who did not believe they had any!!

Meet Adriana a Realtor!

Adriana : Hi Oswaldo, it’s Adriana here from ABC realty. It’s beena while since we’ve spoken.Are you still looking to buy or sell?”

Oswaldo : Yes I’ m looking to buy an investment property, but I just got denied from a bank loan two months ago.

Adriana : Oswaldo if I remember you correctly, you are self-employed right?

Oswaldo  : Yes I’m a Freelance Web Designer.

Adriana : Oswaldo no worries,We definitely can help you out with the alternative financing!

Oswaldo : That sounds great !

Adriana : Awesome !! Oswaldo !! Do you have30% down payment of a property purchase price? I have my team from Capital Direct Funding who are experts in helping self employed individuals to provide an alternative loan which can help you to achieve your real estate goals !!! Howbow dattt? 


Access to Capital for Self-Employed Borrowers , Finally!

Here at Capital Direct Funding, we've helped many of your self-employed clients in crisis. No situation is too complex for us. We provide them with several loan alternatives to help your self-employed clients succeed with their real estate goals. We can build loan plan to meet their satisfaction. Trust us and let us handle the situation.


We make loans happen, even when no one else can.


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