Commercial Closing!

Capital Direct Does Commercial!

Hey there everyone! Its the beginning of the final quarter of the year. We constantly want to share with you valuable information to help grow your business. Our Partners tend to forget that we also service Commercial transactions! Conventional Lenders tend to only loan on properties with the loan amount minimums of 1 million and above. Here is a  key issue to keep an eye out for your commercial clients.

The Affordable Housing Act, Also Known as Prop 10.

     Prop 10 allows government to dictate pricing for privately owned single-family homes, controlling

how much homeowners can charge to rent out their home – or even just a room. It may even lead to bureaucrats charging homeowners a fee for taking their home off the rental market. Prop 10 requires California taxpayers to pay the proponents of the initiative’s legal bills if homeowners, tenants or voters challenge the law in court. Even if the proponents lose in court, taxpayers will still be on the hook to pay their legal bills.  


      We understand one of the biggest challenges for you as Realtors with selling commercial Properties is having your clients get the financing needed for propeties with deferred maintence! Of if the property owners have tax liens or need to cash out quick!

Count on us to help you close before the end of the year! Send us your scenarios, lets build relationships and close deals!

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