Client was pre-approved, then……?

Employment status changed?

Purchased a brand-new car as a Christmas gift?

Income changed?

Bought new furniture early?

Signed up for a new credit card?


Nothing could be further from reality.

Many of your borrowers who are facing these situations believe that once they have been pre-approved for a mortgage, the loan is guaranteed.Unfortunately, sometimes unexpected things can happen, so the processing of the loan might end up being denied.

Our loan programs are only for transitional purposes; we help them connect with your conventional loan programs. We only provide private money loans to help them through these challenging situations. By tracking and referring back to you when they are able to reapply with institutional financing.

It’s part of our commitment to offer professional attention with a personal touch.

Founded on family values and delivering above and beyond service, we provide no less than what you and your clients deserve.

Capital Direct Funding, we make loans happen even when no one else can.

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